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Grifola Frondosa (Maitake Mushroom) Extract

Grifola Frondosa (Maitake Mushroom) Extract

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Product Name


Maitake Mushroom Extract

Latin Name Grifola frondosa
Part Used Mycelium or Fruiting Body
Specification 5:1, 10:1, 10%-30%, 50% Polysaccharides
Active Ingredients Polysaccharides
Test Method UV 
OEM Private Label, custom package
Appearance Brown Fine Powder

Maitake mushroom, also known as "Grifola Frondosa ," is a large mushroom historically utilized as a tonic and adaptogen. Extracts from maitake mushrooms are derived from their fruiting bodies, with the primary active component being maitake polysaccharides.

Funtion of  Maitake Mushroom Extract

Maitake extracts possess values such as improving microcirculation, boosting the body's immune system, promoting fat decomposition, facilitating weight loss, and enhancing skin beauty. They can be utilized for cancer prevention, anticancer effects, blood pressure regulation, anti-HIV activity, and prevention of deficiencies.

Application of Maitake Mushroom

Our mushroom extracts find widespread application as nutritional supplements and dietary additives. They serve as essential components in nutritional supplements and vitamins. Additionally, mushroom extracts are incorporated into a variety of food products, including but not limited to meal replacement bars, energy bars, snack bars, fruit and vegetable beverages, milk and milk-based beverages, sauces and seasonings, chocolates, teas, as well as coffees and coffee substitutes.

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Strictly control foreign matters, heavy metals, microorganisms and pesticide residues

Meet CP, USP, Organic standard * Non GMO, gluten free, vegan

Third party testing: Eurofins, SGS, NSF

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