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Mushroom Extracts

Cordyceps Militaris Extract

Cordyceps Militaris Extract

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Product Name Cordyceps Militaris Extract
Botanical Source Cordyceps Militaris
Part Used Mycelium or Fruiting Body
Specification 10%-30% Polysaccharides
OEM Private Label, Custom package
Test Method UV   HPLC 
Appearance Light Yellow Fine Powder
Shelf Life 24 months when properly

Cordyceps is short for Northern Cordyceps and is often called Chrysanthemum Cordyceps. Cordyceps is also known by the catchy name of Cordyceps Flower. It is different from Cordyceps, which is wild and difficult to cultivate artificially. Cordyceps is a valuable medicinal fungus.

Cordyceps, belonging to the fungi, is a genus of Cordyceps in the subphylum Ascomycota, family Ergotaceae. The main components are cordycepin, cordyceps polysaccharide, cordycepic acid, SOD (superoxide dismutase), and some amino acids and trace elements

Main effects of Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

  • Protect the heart: Cordyceps has negative frequency, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, improve myocardial ischemia, anti-platelet aggregation and anti-arrhythmia. Cordyceps alcohol extract has obvious protective effect on acute viral myocarditis.
  • Hemostasis: Cordyceps sinensis aqueous extract has strong function of dilating coronary artery and increasing coronary flow. Cordyceps extract can promote platelet agglutination and play a hemostatic role, and its alcohol extract can inhibit thrombosis.
  • Inhibit and kill germs: Cordyceps extract contains cordycepin substances, which can significantly enhance the bronchodilating effect of adrenaline and regulate bronchial smooth muscle. Cordycepin has a strong inhibitory and killing effect on germs causing lung infection such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
  • Liver protection: Cordyceps polysaccharide liposome (CPL) has a certain protective effect on CCl4-injured liver tissue, can inhibit the proliferation of hepatic lipid storage cells, but also inhibit the transformation of hepatic lipid storage cells to myofibroblasts and fibroblasts.
  • Tumor inhibition: Cordyceps extract has a clear inhibition and killing effect on tumor cells in vitro. Cordyceps contains cordycepin, which is the main component of its anti-tumor effect.
  • Reduce fatigue: Cordyceps contains active ingredient substances that can increase the body's energy. Besides, it can also improve the body's ability to withstand cold and reduce fatigue.

Application of Mushroom Extract:

Our mushroom extracts find widespread application as nutritional supplements and dietary additives. They serve as essential components in nutritional supplements and vitamins. Additionally, mushroom extracts are incorporated into a variety of food products, including but not limited to meal replacement bars, energy bars, snack bars, fruit and vegetable beverages, milk and milk-based beverages, sauces and seasonings, chocolates, teas, as well as coffees and coffee substitutes.

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Strictly control foreign matters, heavy metals, microorganisms and pesticide residues

Meet CP, USP, Organic standard * Non GMO, gluten free, vegan

Third party testing: Eurofins, SGS, NSF

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